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Making wooden ladders

Wooden builders ladder made by Stanley ClarkThis month I was invited by the Heritage Crafts Association to take part in their efforts to preserve the craft of making wooden ladders. I travelled down to Northampton with fellow greenwood worker and HCA chair Robin Wood to learn to the craft of making ladders from Stanley Clark who made ladders until the trade ceased in the 1960s. Continue reading

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Edale Community Orchard tamed

Just back from another weekend running a Learn to Scythe course. This week Christiane and I went to teach the folk of Sustainable Edale who want to mow their community orchard. It’s great that word of my scythe workshops had … Continue reading

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Spoonfest, “the first international celebration of the carved wooden spoon” is taking place in Edale on 17-19 August. Hosted by my friends Robin Wood and Barn (the spoon) Carder it should be a wonderful weekend with of carving, learning and … Continue reading

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Robin's fan bird

It’s a nice feeling anytime someone buys something I’ve made: the idea that the person likes my work enough to want to swap some of their own time, skills and labour (through the exchange medium of money) for some of … Continue reading

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Spooncarving course with Fritiof Runhall

Last week I spent 3 days in Edale as a student on a spooncarving course organised by Robin Wood and taught by Swedish carver Fritiof Runhall. I’ve been carving spoons from green wood for 8 years, so when I first … Continue reading

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Heat-treating tools with Robin Wood

During the fire in the workshop, the heat of the flames caused the metal in my tools to soften so the first step in repairing them is to heat-treat them to the correct hardness. I’ve done a little bit of … Continue reading

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