Spoon carving templates & instructions

I have been teaching people how to carve wooden spoons since 2004 and it’s been amazing to watch the popularity of this craft explode over the years. Spoon carving is a fantastic hobby and a brilliant introduction to carving wood, requiring very little in the way of tools, materials or work space while including endless possibilities for design and learning.

Following feedback from my students, I am really excited to have launched a series of spoon carving instructions and template pdfs which are available now to download from my Etsy store. Currently there are instructions for axing a cranked eating spoon blank and templates for a classic teardrop shape eating spoon, stirring spoon, two coffee scoops and a sheet of handle designs with finials and spoon decoration ideas.
Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop

Each pattern gives multiple view of the spoon including cross sections along with design notes to help you understand the shapes you’re carving. Start by copying my design then use the knowledge and experience to develop your own ideas. The handle design sheet in particular will help you create new shapes and add decoration to your spoons.

Download your copies from my Etsy store and get started now. I will be uploading more templates to expand the range so favourite the shop or sign up to my newsletter for updates.