Fan Birds

Fan birds are a traditional folk craft which I learned from Central Europe. Each bird is carved from a single piece of green wood without the use of any glue – the feathers are carved and bent out to form the wing while still attached.

Gorgeous wooden bird decorations handmade by Steve Tomlin Crafts

My birds are all part of the same flock, yet each is unique in itself. They swoop and spin in the gentlest of breeze and make beautiful, special gifts for all kinds of occasions.

I make birds in two sizes which are available to buy from my Etsy Store.

Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop If you would like to learn to carve fan birds yourself, I teach workshops at a number of venues around the UK. Please visit the greenwood courses page for details. If you are unable to attend a workshop, I have a fan bird carving instruction sheet, also available from Etsy.

how to fan bird instructions