Spooncarving Course in Scotland

I have been invited teach a spoon carving course in Dalbeattie on 25 & 26 May 2013. With my recent trip to Sweden I’m full of ideas and inspiration on spoon carving and really enjoying my own carving as well as the recent teaching I’ve been doing. Whatever level you’re at, I can offer exercises and advice to stretch you and progress your carving. Hope to see you there.
The two-day workshop is offered at the special price of £100.
Only  6 places – 
call Gavin on 01556 611380 or gavin.phillips@virgin.net
To read about previous courses visit stevetomlincrafts.wordpress.com/courses
Spoon carving course

Spoon Carving

with Steve Tomlin

Spend the weekend with professional spooncarver Steve Tomlin and learn the techniques of carving with axe and knives on this fun and inspiring workshop.
All tools & materials supplied
You will learn
·         How to select wood for carving spoons
·         Splitting blanks from branches and larger timber
·         Using an axe for fast, efficient carving
·         the 5 most important knife carving techniques
·         Hollowing the bowl with a hooked knife
·         Safe methods of working
The focus on this course is building skills so that you take home much more than just your completed spoon. You will learn a set of skills which are the foundation of any greenwood working and will enable you to go on carving on your own.
Steve Tomlin has been a professional greenwood worker for 10 years and is an internationally respected carver. In 2013 he was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship in recognition of his skills and spent 4 weeks working one-to-one with master spoon carver Fritiof Runhall in Sweden. As well as selling and demonstrating his craft at shows around the country, Steve has taught dozens of people how to carve on his lively and engaging courses.
Steve Tomlin spoonsSpoon carving is an engaging pastime which is accessible to all, requiring only a small toolkit and easily-found materials. It makes an ideal introduction to woodworking for beginners while the design elements and particular skills will engage more experienced woodworkers.
The two-day workshop is offered at the special price of £100.
Only  6 places – 
call Gavin on 01556 611380 ogavin.phillips@virgin.net

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0 Responses to Spooncarving Course in Scotland

  1. thehutts says:

    Do you do courses for families? Sally

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      hi Sally,
      My insurance doesn’t cover me to teach people under 18 years old. If you have young children then I have always thought that a two-day carving course is too intensive for them anyway; we cover a lot of ground and the techniques are tiring for muscles unused to the work. This counts for adults too and I always include a section on stretching for hands and try to limit the most tiring work for students by helping with axing and teaching people to use knife grips that employ big muscles in the shoulders and back as well as the small muscles in the hands.
      The best teacher for children, in my opinion, is a parent, grandparent or similar who has learned the skills themselves and can pass them on over a longer period of time. Shorter sessions based around games or making toys can develop the skills and respect for knives while holding the child’s attention and not tiring them out. Carving can become a regular activity within the household and the parent feels confident seeing their children work because they have the knowledge and skills themselves.
      If you’re interested in this I would recommend booking a day with me when I can show you the basics of working with knives safely as well as various small projects to make.

  2. thehutts says:

    Thanks for your advice. My husband is an amateur whittler and does spend some time with my son but I will ask him if he wants to do a day course sometime. Sally

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