Spoon carving in Wales

I arrived back from Sweden last thursday and was straight off to the Woodland Skills Centre in North Wales to teach a spoon carving course for the weekend.
They were a lovely bunch of folk and it’s always a pleasure to teach a group who are so keen to learn. As always we focused on developing and practising the different carving techniques using the axe and knives and made small projects along the way to the spoon carving on sunday.  My skills with my left hand have been improving over the last year which came in useful for demonstrating as both Justin and Simon were working left-handed. It’s much easier for beginners to see and understand how the grips are used when it’s presented in the same orientation that they’re using.
spoon carving course spoon carving workshop
Sunday afternoon is my favourite part when the group teaching ends and everyone has time to work on their own spoons. The silence was deafening as they all concentrated on the work and I kept an eye on things, offering advice or reminding them of a technique as required. We also looked at various sharpening equipment and methods specific to spoon carving tools.
spoon carving workshop beginners spoon carving
Everyone did a great job and went home very proud of their new spoon.
spoon carving course

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0 Responses to Spoon carving in Wales

  1. John says:

    Brilliant course, you’ve given all the skills and knowledge for me to spend many a happy hour carving useful and beautiful items for everyday use, thank you Steve

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks Steve for a tremendous thought provoking weekend. Fantastic company, great laughs and above all excellent tuition. I will endeavour to develop and enhance the skills you have instilled in all of us over those couple of days. Thanks Steve.

  3. Justin Soper says:

    Many thanks for a wonderful weekend course, your teaching certainly built our core skills and your enthusiasm is also contagious (in a good way). Lets hope we can have a ‘next steps’ spoon carving course to keep up our new found passion for spoon carving. Thanks again Steve.

  4. Simon Kibble says:

    The course was very well structured, building techniques and (some) skill with the tools before we got to make a spoon.
    Making a tent peg with just an axe was unexpected but fun and the swedish style butter spreader was elegant and practical. I showed it to a Swedish colleague at work and got my first commission, so I must have done OK for a first attempt!
    I hadn’t realised how much I’d learned in a day and a half until I picked up the spoon blank. I spent a while thinking about the design I wanted to make, where to start and which cuts I was going to make. The spoon has been admired by friends and family, but the next one will be better…….
    Thanks for a great course Steve, we all seemed to learn while we were having fun and the time flew by.

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