Scything while the sun shines

How to sharpen a scythe
On Friday, the hottest day of 2017 so far, I was teaching a group how to scythe in Derbyshire. The course was organised by Derbyshire Eco-centre as part of their programme of events but hosted by Gus & Fash on their beautiful smallholding nearby.
We used the shade of the barns while we set up the Austrian scythes to fit each person and adjusted the blade to work as efficiently as possible. Then we did some preparatory practise and the students learned how to sharpen the scythe by two different, safe methods.
Sharpening an Austrian scythe Learn to sharpen a scythe
We were scything on a slope but that is no problem for the scythe and we also cleared nettles as well as mowing the lush new grass while enjoying the sounds of the birds and views over the countryside.
Mowing with an Austrian scythe
Scything on a slope
My next Learn to scythe course on 2nd June is fully booked but you can still get on a place for the course on 22nd July at Sedbergh, Cumbria. Simply email me stevetomlin8[at] to book your place.

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  1. Gus says:

    Thanks for teaching us so well Steve. It was a great day, and our nettles are appreciating (or not!) my new skills. I’m realising that when the scything is going really well, it’s because I’m more relaxed and not ‘trying’ so hard. It’s a good meditation!

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