Gorgeous American style windsor chair

Painted windsor chair
A big part of what makes handmade items so special is the relationship you have with it. That might be because you’ve met the maker (online or in real life), know where the materials have come from, received it to mark an occasion or simply through the patina that comes with years of use.
My good friend Robin Duckmanton has only been making windsor chairs for a few years but already he is making some of the most stunning work I’ve seen in the UK. Last year he asked if I would trade one of my ash splint pack baskets for a chair and I jumped at the offer. At the time, I didn’t know what he would be making but knew it would be special and, as you can see in these photos, it is.
Painted windsor chair
Painted windsor chair
Robin works completely by hand so all of the turning is done on a pole lathe and the seat is carved using an adze, travisher and, most importantly, huge amounts of skill and time. It’s statuesque, elegant and yet strong and every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful.
Painted windsor chair
Painted windsor chair
Rob says there’ll be a website soon but in the meantime you can follow his work on instagram: @redwoodchairs
windsor chair

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  1. Brian Eve says:

    Gorgeous! I love elm.

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