Scything for ITV Countrywise

I spent the afternoon today being filmed for a piece on scything with Paul Heiney as part of a new series of Countrywise on ITV. It was great fun to do but very busy without the time to really teach Paul how to scythe though he seemed genuinely interested in learning and he was getting the hang of it even with just half an hour of practise.

This filming was quite a bit longer than when I was on Countryfile last year with John Craven and will be several minutes long when it appears on screen in the autumn. As well as filming Paul and I as we chatted, set up the scythe and mowed, the crew took the time to get some more artistic shots on camera which should look great as the meadow was looking lovely in the evening light.

Have a look at my Learn to Scythe courses if you fancy having a go yourself.
Paul Heiney with scythe for Countrywise

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  1. David.Green says:

    Hello Steve, Just watched your piece on Countrywise. I’ve been allowed a 4ft deep nettled end of field to start a vegetable garden at a Religious Residential Home and didn’t want to use noisy strimmers but don’t know about scything and where to obtain / hire one. It also seems somewhat dangerous without advice. Very pleased to see that all your reasons for choosing scything would be mine as well. Hope to get to one of your courses.

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      hi David,
      Glad you enjoyed the programme and were inspired by it. Mowing with a scythe is a skill so I’d always recommend people to come on a course to learn. Hope to see you in 2014

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