Scythe Course at Lancaster Castle

Later this month I will be teaching a ‘Learn to Scythe’ course for beginners at Lancaster Castle. If you haven’t managed to get on one of my other courses this year and you’re keen to learn how to use a scythe, here’s your chance.

Beyond the Castle

Group Scythe Workshops

Thursday 26th September 10 am – 5 pm

with Steve Tomlin from Scytherspace

Venue: The Well Tower at Lancaster Castle and Vicarage Field

The ‘Learn to Mow Workshop’ will focus on practical skills development and learning-by-doing as participants will practice the ‘tai-chi’ mowing style on Vicarage Field near the Roman Bath House site.
The Well Tower at Lancaster Castle will serve as an indoor venue where participants will learn how to set up and adjust the scythe. The workshop will also cover theory and practice of sharpening and peening, blade care and maintenance.
During the cause of the day we will explore and discuss landscape management options for the urban green space from Lancaster Castle down to St Georges Quay.
Scythes, whetstones and peening equipment will be provided.
To book a free place please email at Beyond the Castle, Lancashire County Council or call 07887 831154. Please provide us with your height measurements when booking.  Minimum age 18 years.  
For Beyond the Castle please visit or

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