Scything in the rain & sun

One of the advantages of the scythe is that it is an all-weather tool and on my final scythe courses in Cumbria of 2013 we proved this right.
learn to scythe course On Saturday a hardy group put on their waterproofs and faced the Cumbrian rain including Ken and Joyce who were on a round the world trip from their home in Australia. Ken told me they’d booked their tickets and then booked the Learn to Mow course as the second item and were enjoying the cooler weather in the UK! We did get a bit damp but it was mostly just heavy showers and didn’t get in the way of some great mowing in the post-haymaking grass.
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learn to scythe courseThen on Sunday, contrary to the forecast, the sun came out for a new group of scythe beginners.  They carried on the mowing and the two groups got around three-quarters of the orchard cut. They could see how close they were to completing the job and I had to drag them away from it so we could go and do some peening. When was the last time you had to drag someone away from cutting grass with a strimmer?
learn to scythe courselearn to scythe course
Two very different days but two lovely groups of folk and the same satisfied smiles at the end of the day. I even had the pleasure of doing a bit of my own mowing on Monday to finish off the job.

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  1. Tony Price says:

    If you are undecided about going on the course then I can recommend you book and spend the day with Steve at Sprint mill. You will set up the scythe to suit you, spend some time on keeping the blade sharp and maintaining your scythe. You will mow under the guidance of the very knowledgeable and patient Steve Tomlin.
    Thanks for a great day Steve.

  2. Peter Thomas says:

    Well said Tony. A very worthwhile day – despite the rain.

  3. Tony H says:

    Having done the course with Steve, I understand how buying and using a scythe without having had any instruction is likely to be a difficult and frustrating experience. I now feel confident to set one up and use it in different circumstances, know what *not* to do with it and what to do if it does not seem to be cutting well. Steve’s an inspirational and knowledgeable instructor. The day at the mill was wonderful for its surroundings and its peace. I was out with my scythe yesterday and thrilled at the gentle swoosh of the blade as it laid waste to nettles, tussocks of long grass and thick bramble stems. A fantastic tool!

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