Scythe course in NE Scotland

It’s a long drive from Kendal to the north-east of Scotland but it’s all worth it when you’re enjoying teaching people to scythe and the meadow is as nice as it was this weekend.
I was invited up to teach Basia, her husband Andy and neighbour Jane how to scythe on their smallholding north of Aberdeen. They have 5 acres, 2 of which are a lovely meadow with a good population of yellow rattle which will be made into hay. It was terrific mowing there with the large blue sky above us and the wind to our backs. The windrows looked beautiful and I was enjoying having a small group who I could give plenty of individual tuition to. Alex joined us on Sunday and quickly got the hang of mowing in the tai-chi style.
learn to scythe Scotland learn to scythe Scotland
scything Scotland sharpening a scythe Scotland Scythe Scotland
On Sunday we looked at using the scythe in other locations including trimming weeds around a newly planted hedge and clearing a really impressive field of thistles. Strimmers just get clogged up with this kind of work but, with the right technique, the scythe slices through them in a most satisfying way.
scythes and thistles cutting thistles with scythes
scythe peening ScotlandThe final part of the weekend was peening the scythes with a discussion of techniques followed by some practise. Women are often put off by the thought of this so I was especially happy that Basia and Jane not only got the hang of it but enjoyed hammering as much as the blokes!
A lovely group who made me feel very welcome and loads of scything fun in a terrific setting; well worth the journey.

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