Pounding english ash splints for basket making

springtime in the woods

It really felt like spring is in the air this weekend. I was down near Derby pounding a couple of english ash logs to make ash splints for my baskets and courses. Hammering the log breaks the bond between the growth rings in the wood and allows them to delaminate, producing long strips of wood which are perfect for basket weaving.

pounding ash splints in the UKpounding english ash splints

It’s hard work but very rhythmic and surprisingly relaxing as there’s nothing to think or worry about other than the movement of the hammer and watching the splints peel off. Seeing the pile of material grow is very exciting and inspiring as I think of all the baskets that will be made.

pounded splints from english ash - Fraxinus excelsior

I’m teaching several ash splint basket making courses in 2020 at various venues around the UK. Please visit my greenwood courses page for details or sign up to my newsletter for updates.

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