Ash splint basket making workshop in Wales

ash splint basket making course

I was invited to north Wales to teach ash splint basket making to a group as part of the Halkyn Mountain Living Landscape project which is educating people about their local area and crafts associated with the landscape.

Ash splint basketry is still very new in the UK so it’s great to be able to show more people and I was very pleased to have several existing basket makers join us to learn about this different material.

dressing ash splint for basket making UK attaching the rim to an ash splint basket ash splint basket weaving UK

During the weekend we cover the entire process of grading and dressing the ash splints, weaving a checkerboard base and then turning up the ribs and weaving the sides. A triple rim is attached and lashed into place after which we went outside to look at the process for pounding splints from a fresh ash log.

pounding english ash for splint basket making pounding english ash for splint basketry in the UK

They were a terrific bunch who worked really well and were great, fun company as you can see from this photo!

ash splint basket workshop

If you’d like to learn ash splint basket making, I am teaching further courses around the UK in 2020. Please take a look at the greenwood courses page or subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

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