Making a new ash splint pack basket

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making a new ash splint pack basket with the ash that I pounded earlier this spring. Here’s a few photos from the process.

First, preparing the splints by sorting them for thickness, cutting to width and scraping them smooth. I weave a rectangular base and then turn up the ribs to start weaving.

dressing ash splints for basket weaving by scraping them with a knife weaving an ash splint basket, UK

At the top of the basket, the ribs are split and turned down to lock them in place. I fit a steam bent handle and rims in place.

Ash splint basket making, UK fixing the rim in place on an ash splint basket

The rim is lashed on with more ash splint and then leather straps fitted. More photos in another post to come!

lashing the rim on an ash splint basket ash splint pack basket with leather straps made in UK

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