Cranked eating spoon carving instructions

An eating spoon is often seen as the peak of wooden spoon carving. Making a spoon which fits the hand, feels comfortable to the mouth and also looks good is a demanding and rewarding challenge for green wood carvers of any level.

I have been making and teaching wooden spoons for over 15 years and developed these instructions and template for carvers who would like to learn more about spoon design and have templates to assist their carving.

The 10-step eating spoon axe work instruction sheet takes you step-by-step through my process for simply and efficiently carving out the cranked eating spoon shape using an axe. Having a good blank is essential for making good wooden spoons and learning to axe well will increase your productivity and enjoyment of carving.

Then cut out the eating spoon template and use it to mark your timber for carving. The plan, side and underneath view points, cross-sections and design notes included will build your understanding of spoon design and give you the knowledge to create your own shapes in the future.

My spoon carving instructions and templates are available to download as pdfs from my Etsy store now. More template being prepared for addition to the range, please favourite the store or sign up to my newsletter for updates.
Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop

ps If you are posting pictures of your finished spoons on social media, please tag me @stevetomlincrafts – I’d love to see them!

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