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Learn to scythe

Learn to Scythe courses are currently on hold as the UK deals with the coronavirus. I’m fully supportive of the measures but at the same time can’t wait to be back out in the meadows with a group of new scythers learning to mow and the joy of scything.

If you’re desperate to get started or have done a course in the past and need something to help improve your skills, my Learn to Scythe book is available to purchase via Etsy.

Here’s some lovely feedback I just received. It’s always wonderful to hear from people who have found it helpful.

What a great book.

Learning to scythe is such a treat
 Am reading your book with a large gin, sitting in the evening sun and enjoying the peace.
Tomorrow I shall start afresh with more confidence.  I know where I need to change things. Your book is really clear. Thank you.

Learn to scythe book feedback


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