Hand carved birch scoops for tea & coffee

hand carved wooden coffee scoops

If you’re like me then the first coffee of the day is a bit of a special occasion. I use it to punctuate my morning and the process of making it (cafetiere in my house) is a relaxing ritual to go through which adds to the pleasure.
Like with all rituals, the items you use are important. I store my grounds in a caddy made by a good friend, have my favourite mug and, of course, a wooden scoop. These new scoops are available now in my Etsy store:Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shopcarved birch wood coffee scoop carved wooden scoops hand carved wooden coffee scoops

These scoops are carved from some lovely local birch wood. I give them a generous bowl for good scoopability and a solid, tactile handle yet all still small enough to store in your coffee caddy where it’s going to develop the most amazing patina over the years.

hand carved wooden coffee scoop

Of course, I’m British so I also love a proper cup of tea (brew 3mins, milk in last) and these are just as well suited to your loose leaves, in fact anywhere you need a cute little scoop that you can’t resist picking up.

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2 Responses to Hand carved birch scoops for tea & coffee

  1. Dr Sue Rayner Jacobs says:

    Are you selling your coffee scoops online Steve? I make cafetiere cosies if you want to swap? (They’re excellent at keeping that second mug of coffee hot!) Sue RJ (childhood friend of Rache’s)

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