Gentleman Jack scything

Gentleman Jack BBC tv scything actor

Gentleman Jack is the latest BBC period drama and set not far from me in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Last summer I was hired to go to Shibden Hall and train the extras for an outdoor scene.

Gentleman Jack scythes behind the scenes

It’s always fascinating to see behind the scenes of a big production and how many people are involved, all with their own specific role. Director Sally Wainwright was brilliant, very keen to ensure that the scything would look realistic, I suppose in order to avoid a similar response to the scything on Poldark from a few years ago. The guys scything on the day were terrific and even though we only had a short amount of time, they got to grips with the scything techniques I showed them. They’re way off in the background and couldn’t actually cut the grass because of doing multiple takes but I was pleased with the results.

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Gentleman Jack BBC scything

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