How to carve a fan bird instructions

how to carve a fan bird instructions

As much as I wish you all could, I realise that not everyone can get to one of my courses to learn how to carve fan birds. So, to help spread the craft wider, I’ve created a downloadable pdf on how to carve fan birds based on the skills I teach.

The pack includes details of what timber to use for fan carving, how to prepare the billets and the carving techniques I use, showing you how to shape and split the feathers then spread them out to form the wings and tail. It’s not as good as coming to learn from me where you’ll also learn my special techniques for safe, efficient carving and get support and guidance at each stage but it’s the next best thing.

how to fan bird instructions

To go with the instructions, I have also prepared packs of fan bird wood. The billets are split from large diameter larch to give the best grain orientation and are cut to size ready to carve. If you don’t have access to timber or simply want a simple way to get started.

Get the how to carve fan bird instructions and fan bird timber from my etsy shop Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop

For the best learning experience, I still recommend coming on one of my fan bird carving courses. You’ll learn my methods for safe and efficient carving and I can guide and advise you through the process to ensure success. Plus, you’ll have a fun day with a group of other lovely crafty folk. Check out my greenwood carving courses page or subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date.


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