Fan bird carving course in Derbyshire

Fan bird carving workshop 2019

Fan birds are a little known craft in the UK. Each one is made from a single piece of wood with the wings folded out from the solid wood. People often think that they’re incredibly fiddly and too difficult to attempt as a craft.

Well, the 7 fan birds in the picture above were all the first attempt of students on my latest fan bird carving workshop at Greenwood Days on the Derbyshire/ Leicestershire border. I think you’ll agree that they look fabulous.
I’ve been teaching people how to carve fan birds for several years now and honed my methods so that everyone can achieve great results. I love seeing the delight and surprise on peoples’ faces as they see the result of their work, take a look at these pics:

fan bird carvng course 2019 learn to carve fan birds beginners green wood fan bird carving workshop

wooden bird carving course fan bird carving workshop

If you’d like to join me for a day and learn to make these birds yourself, please sign up to my newsletter for details of future courses. If you can’t make it to a course or simply want to buy some ready made birds, visit my Etsy shop where you’ll find finished birds along with fan carving how to instructions and materials for making them yourself.

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