Transylvanian milking stool

A quick post to share a picture I found from the trip Christiane and I made to Gyimes in Transylvania this summer for a Haymaking Festival. One morning we got up early and walked up the hill to where our host Attila grazed his cows and we all tried our hand at milking and watched the cheese being made. All this fitted in with learning about the traditional management of the meadows and their importance for the small-scale farming that took place in the region.
What caught my eye though was this amazing stool made from a softwood tree. I don’t know if it’s a traditional design or something that a sharp-eyed forester spotted while cutting firewood. Either way, I think it’s genius.
Milking stool

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2 Responses to Transylvanian milking stool

  1. Béla Szabó says:

    It was a traditional design, when I was a child in that spot, people there used very often the same objects for smoothly their daily farming activities.

  2. stevetomlin says:

    Andy Marczewski sent me these photos of a Polish shepherd’s hut and a similarly designed bench.
    Polish shepherd's hut Polish bench

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