Stirrers, eating spoons and spreaders

When I teach people how to carve spoons, I want them to go home with new skills and confidence as well as a spoon that they’ve made. Having two days of workshop gives the best opportunity to achieve this and we can cover more complicated spoon carving as well as reinforcing the basic skills.

We start with making stirring spoons, beginning of course with fresh, green wood and axework then progressing onto knife grips to refine and finish the spoon.

The second day starts with a short session making butter spreaders. These are a brilliant exercise for practising the skills and quick enough for everyone to make a few and see progression.

Then it’s on to eating spoons and the complications of carving a cranked spoon design. We use my teardrop eating spoon pattern and follow my 10-step method for axing the blank – you can find both these along with other spoon carving patterns in my Etsy store.

I had a brilliant couple of days with this group and they carved some fantastic spoons. If you’d like to learn how to carve wooden spoons, check out my courses page or sign up to my newsletter for updates.

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