Community scything in Manchester’s wildflower meadow

I’ve been  back to Hullard Park in Trafford, Manchester to run a scything refresher for the volunteers who are helping to manage the wildflower meadow in the park.

Even though it’s a whole year since they last picked up a scythe, everyone got right back into the swing of things (see what I did there?) and dealt really well with the thick vegetation.

They were so confident and capable, I had chance to give Leon, a local Green Hero, some surprise tuition. He was a brilliant student so he and his dad were soon mowing well together.

I have been teaching scythe courses for groups across the UK for over 10 years. If your community group are looking after an orchard, wildflower meadow or other land and would like to use scythes to manage the land then please contact me or visit my Learn to Scythe page for more infor

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