Sharpening a scythe left handed

Learn to mow with an Austrian scytheAlthough all the Austrian scythes I teach with and sell are right handed, they’re equally suited for use by people who are left handed. The scything action is very symmetrical so people have no problem using the scythe and, when you’re working together in a team, it’s important that everyone mows the same way so the windrows are all falling the same way.
I’ve taught dozens of left-handed mowers over the years on my scything courses including Neil on todays course in Cumbria. Here he is sharpening the scythe left-handed while using a post to support the blade for safety.
Sharpening a scythe left handed
And mowing a lovely neat swath with his right-handed scythe.
Mowing with an Austrian scythe
A gorgeous summer day with a brilliant group. My next course will be at Greenwood Days near Derby on 8th August. There are still a few places left so if you want to learn to scythe to manage your meadow or orchard visit Greenwood Days or contact Peter Wood on 01332 864529 to book.

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