Community Scything in the North-West

One of the nicest things about scything is that the lack of noise makes it a lovely community activity. Chatting while you work and seeing a huge amount of work done is a great feeling and how communities made hay in the past.
This month there are a couple of opportunities to get together to scythe with other people here in the North West. It’s a chance to mow some beautiful meadow grass while meeting like-minded folk and improving your skills.
15-16 July: Hay Time Party at Bell Sykes Farm – the Coronation Meadow for Lancashire (see poster for details) Contact Peter Blackwell 01200 446609
21 July: 6am Dawn Scything & Rustic breakfast at Brantwood House, Cumbria La218AD. Contact Sally Beamish 015394 41396. Mowing the shore meadow in preparation for the Outdoor Theatre events.
Hay Time Lancashire 2016

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    Community scything and another competition, in the NW, free to all.

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