Scything Stockport's community orchard

Learn to scythe course with the Orchard Project, Stockport
I moved to Manchester last year and am really excited to be discovering all kinds of local projects where communities are managing small meadows, orchards and other natural areas. I get the feeling that, living in a largely urban environment, the green spaces are precious resources which the people are taking into their own hands to look after.
Last week I was in Stockport teaching a group how to scythe at Sidings Orchard. The workshop was organised by Helping Britain Blossom.
Scything a community orchard in Stockport
Learn to scythe course Sharpening an austrian scythe in an orchard
Come and learn how to scythe yourself at Hullard Park, Manchester on 15th June. You’ll learn to set up, sharpen and maintain the scythe as well as techniques to mow the grass easily, quietly and efficiently. The day costs £80, to book email stevetomlin8[at]

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