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Learn to scythe course in Cumbria
I’ve been back to Cumbria this week for a Learn to Scythe course at Brigflatts Meeting House near Sedbergh.
I’ve been mowing the little meadow here for several years so it’s nice to see the meadow slowly changing and I know the grass will always be soft and clean so it’s a great place to learn how to scythe. Although there were showers forecast, we kept dry all day and everyone was mowing beautifully. Have a look at the portraits below and you’ll see the neat windrows, relaxed effort and good posture that you can achieve with an austrian scythe.
Your next opportunity to scythe is 15th June at Hullard Park, Manchester. The day includes all tuition in using and maintaining a scythe and costs £80, to book please email me stevetomlin8[at] For other dates, visit my Learn to Scythe page.
learn to scythe a meadow in Cumbria learn scythign in Cumbria
learn to scythe in Cumbria scything course in Cumbria

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