Scything rushes in Scotland

Scythe course in Scotland
I’m just back from a fantastic trip up to Ullapool in the Highlands of NW Scotland where I was invited to teach a Learn to Scythe course by the Crofting Federation. The scythe is perfect for crofters who are often managing smaller areas of steep, wet or inaccessible land with limited resources.
Learn to scythe Scotland Learn to scythe Scotland
The participants included people from as far away as Skye and Glasgow as well as locals. It was fascinating for me to hear about their different crofting situations and admire their dedication to farming in difficult conditions.
Learn to Scythe with me on my scythe courses in Cumbria and Lancashire or contact me to arrange a workshop at your own venue. I’m happy to travel and would love a trip back to Scotland.
Learn to scythe Scotland
The weather was fantastic for us and I managed to spend a couple more days in the area walking in the mountains and enjoying the fabulous scenery.
Learn to scythe Scotland Learn to scythe Ullapool

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  1. What do they do with the rush when it has been harvested Steve? Just wondering.

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      Hey Mary, I think in the past, the rushes were used for bedding. Nowadays they just want to clear it because it’s taking away from the available grazing land. I was surprised when they wanted a course so early in the year but they said that the rushes are a huge problem for crofters.

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