Scything Handbook review in The Allotment magazine

The current issue of the Allotment and Leisure Gardener magazine has a review of The Scything Handbook by Ian Miller.
It’s great that scything is getting this kind of coverage but a shame that the reviewer has been told that this is the “first new book on scything for 35 years”. My own Learn to Scythe book was published in 2015 with both Filbert Press and Ian Miller being aware of it, scything is a small world!
There is a more in-depth review of the Scything Handbook in this issue of Windrow magazine in which my own book gets several very favourable mentions:

Tomlin’s ‘Learn to Scythe’ is a more concise guide, with lots of colour photographs, and a more modern feel
If your sole aim in reading a book about scything is to learn the skills however, then I suggest Tomlin for a clear and concise manual.

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  1. Alan Tilson says:

    That certainly is a scything review!

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