Scythe vs Strimmer video

Scythe vs strimmer raceMy friend Simon Damant has become the star of a viral post currently doing the rounds on facebook.
This race between a scythe and strimmer takes place each year at the Somerset Scythe Festival and the result is always the same (can you guess?).
Simon has been the British mowing champion 6 times so he’s a very good, fast mower but the strimmer operator is also a professional (as well as a committed scythe user). It’s a great video demonstrating the efficiency hand tools, what a shame that the person sharing it on fb has removed the links to the original and gives no credit to Simon, the Scythe Festival or my mate Dave Oxford who filmed and posted the original.
Who said hand tools are slow?

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  1. Neil Dudman says:

    Nice… I competed this year for the first time, thought I was pretty good, but came 9th 🙁
    Simon was fast 🙂 Nice

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