Scythe peening workshop 2022

If you’ve had your scythe for a few months (or longer) now, it’s probably time to peen the blade. This can be a daunting prospect the first few times you do it but is an important part of scythe maintenance and will improve how well it cuts dramatically.

This year I will be delivering a peening and sharpening workshop on 7th Oct at Broadrake, Chapel-le-Dale in Yorkshire. You’ll spend the day learning to use the peening jig confidently and develop your sharpening and honing skills to achieve the sharpest blade and the sweetest cut.

To book your place or for more details, email stevetomlin8[at]

Here’s some feedback from a previous participant:

Greetings Steve!
Just a quick note to say many thanks, this time, for a fantastic peening course. I learned masses. Before the course, I was very suspicious that it would be impossible to spend a full day sharpening a piece of metal and remain interested. I was wrong. The course was great fun, the company excellent, and I continue to realise that I have masses still to learn. Thanks for what you did. Brilliant

Thanks again, Steve. Yesterday was a first-class occasion.
Best wishes

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