Russian scythe competition

Russian scythe competitionThe scythe competition season is getting underway with the British competition due to take place at the Scythe Festival in Somerset on 15th June.
Meanwhile, for those of you looking for a bit more adventure, I’ve been contacted by Aleksandr Shatokhin with an invitation slightly further afield. If you go, please email me, I’d love to hear the story.

Dear Mr. Tomlin!
I read on your site that you collected events about Scythes. I would like you to include in your list our scythe mowers competition held annually in Russia.
We conduct these competitions in the Ural Mountains (Sverdlovsk region) in the village of Arti.
Next our “4th Scythe Tournament” will be 12 July 2014.
Our events are collected mowers from all over Russia and some European countries. Maybe some brave mowers from UK would risk to take part in our adventure?
If this is interesting for you or you need more detailed information, please write to me.
Best regards
Aleksandr Shatokhin
Arti Scythe Works

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