Learn to scythe course feedback 2020

Roger scything during my workshop

Lovely feedback from a recent scything course; pictured is Roger scything well during the course at Bell Sykes in Lancashire. I am teaching Learn to Scythe on 4th Sept at Chapel-le-Dale, please email steve[at]stevetomlincrafts.co.uk if you’d like to book a place.

Hi Steve

I want to thank you for the course you ran on 24th. I enjoyed it immensely and learned so much.

Straight after I left with my partner for a week away but on return last weekend took my scythe once again to the grass paths around my allotment. I had the best cut ever despite the restrictions on space. The settings were right and I was honing better and I could keep the blade on the ground through the restricted arcs I was making. Given that the paths are uneven it was the most consistent, close cut on these paths I had ever made.

Thanks again!


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