Haymaking festival excitement

I’ve just received the programme for a Haymaking Festival that Christiane and I are travelling to in the Transylvania region of Romania. A couple of friends have been to the country before and say it is a truly special place, still very much unspoilt and beautiful. I’m especially looking forward to meeting people from other countries, the tool making session and, of course, the mowing.
Haymaking Festival Programme:
21 August, Sunday:               in the evening everybody shall meet at the Áldomás Guesthouse in Áldomspataka village, Gyimesbükk municipality for welcome and dinner.
22 August, Monday:             mowing starts from6 in the morning, breakfast at 9, continue mowing from 10, 13-16 o’clock lunch and siesta, 16-17 o’clock mowing, 18:00 dinner.
23 August, Tuesday:             breakfast at 8, 9-13 o’clock tool making with uncle Viktor, 13-15 o’clock lunch and siesta, 15-19 o’clock mowing competition, 19:00 dinner.
24 August, Wednesday:     breakfast at 8, from 9 we turn the hay, 13 o’clock lunch, 14 o’clock making hay stacks, 19:00 dinner.
25 August, Thursday:           6:00 good morning, 7 o’clock cheese making at the kaliba, breakfast at 9 (fresh cheese and orda), 10 o’clock picking mushrooms, 13 o’clock lunch, 18 o’clock dinner, 19:00 visitor’s presentations and discussions.
26 August, Friday:                 from 7 gathering the hay stacks, break at 9, 10 o’clock making of big hay piles from the hay stacks, 13:00 lunch and horse riding upon request, 15 o’clock finish making big hay piles, 19:00 dinner.
27 August, Saturday:            breakfast at 8, excursion (places to be discussed). If the weather is nice we have lunch cooked in a cauldron and served outside. 19:00 dinner back at Áldomás Guesthouse, folk dance.
28 August, Sunday:               breakfast at 8, after which farewell and everybody shall head home.
Find more info on the festival at Savor Transylvania.

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