Garden and veg patch mowing

garden windrowsA week full of mowing this week and all the better for it being different interesting conditions. Yesterday I mowed a garden which I’d previously mown with my scythe at the beginning of July. The grass had just grown back to 4 inches – too long for your standard lawnmower but perfect for the scythe. It was soft and clean to I enjoyed the opportunity to stretch out and mow 3m wide swaths. What a pleasure after the rushes and weeds earlier in the week.
At the other end of the garden is a beautiful, productive vegetable area full of beans, onions, potatoes and poppy vegetable bed pathsflowers with paths between the beds only about 40cm wide. Some people have taken to using a tiny 40cm blade for this kind of work but I’ve developed a technique so that I could mow the grass using the same 75cm ‘profisense’ blade without damaging the vegetables. This is the kind of thing I am planning for my ‘Scythe Improvers’ course which I’ll be running in Cumbria next year.

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  1. christianelechner says:

    that looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see your technique.

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