Have scythes, will travel

Scythe course studentsAs the spring finally arrives and the grass suddenly starts to grow many people get the idea that they’d like to learn to scythe, and quite right too. Lightweight, efficient, quiet and fun I’ve extolled the virtues of the scythe here often enough.
Perhaps you’re thinking that Cumbria is a long way to go for a course to learn scything and, what you’d prefer is for a gang of mowers to turn up and help you cut your own meadow while you learn at the same time. Brilliant idea, I can help.
scythe courseThroughout the summer as well as my own scythe courses here in Cumbria I teach people to scythe for groups and organisations around the country. They organise the students, either from their regular volunteer list or by advertising the course locally and I come to provide the tuition and kits for the course. As students aren’t paying to travel or for accomodation in Cumbria (though the Lake District is a lovely place to visit, even without any mowing) it often works out to be a very good deal for you all. In addition I can tailor the course to the mowing conditions of your own land and you get the work done!
This year I’m off to York, Bradwell in the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales and Aberdeen to name a few; I’ve put the full list up on my events page. As you can see, there’s not many dates left so if you are interested in some scythe training for your group please email me to discuss it.
To get an idea of what’s involved you can read about the courses I ran for groups at BradwellEdale, and Forres last year.

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