Greenwood garden bench

Spring is finally here in the UK after what has seemed a very year so far and I’ve been out tidying and preparing my tiny back yard. This weekend I decided what I really needed was some seating so I made myself a simple greenwood bench.

The top is a cherry log which I cleaved in half and then flattened using an axe followed with my bowl carving adze. It’s pretty quick, fun and gives this beautiful ripple effect along the surface.

I already had the oak legs left over from a previous project so it was a simple matter to drill the mortices and fit them ensuring a good, wide splay for stability. A coat of tung oil and then time to try it out!

I love the simplicity of the design and that so much of the original log is present with the bark adding texture. I’ve still got the other half of the log so I expect there’ll be a pair once I can get some more wood for the legs.

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