Bowl carving workshop in Edinburgh

Teaching people to use tools and seeing them increase their confidence and skill is the highlight of running craft courses, whether people are learning spoon carving or scything.
Last weekend I spent two fantastic days teaching a bowl carving course at New Caledonian Woodlands in Edinburgh, Scotland for one of their re-skilling workshops.
carving with axe green wood bowl carving
The group were a good mix of abilities with some complete beginners, some with more experience of green wood working and my friend Rolf of Created Woodcrafts who has now been on all my courses! Everyone rose to the challenge and it was very fulfilling for me to be able to teach the skills and then watch them being developed. It’s amazing how even a few hours tuition can make a huge difference in how people use new tools.
Axes, adzes, knives, spokeshaves and gouges were all put to good use with each student creating unique and distinctive bowls while experimenting with shapes and techniques.

A terrific weekend where I also learned a lot as well as enjoying the lively atmosphere and good company.


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  1. Rolf Buwert says:

    Another great course Steve. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and learned a lot about bowl carving. In particular I have much greater confidence working with the axe and adze, and will put that knowledge to good use. Thank you for your teaching and tolerance when I was slow to grasp some concepts, but with your encouragement I think I have got the hang of it. Must practice at home now, which will also be a joy and reinforce the good times.

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