Ash splint wall baskets

ash splint wall baskets
These wall baskets are one of my favourite to make. They’re based on baskets which the Shaker communities made to store tall candles in and they’re still useful for that same reason. They make a sylish, contemporary decoration in their own right and ideal for storing all kinds of things around the house: stationery, earbuds and usb cables, makeup, scarves and anything else you want to keep tidy yet accessible.
This pair of baskets demonstrate why I don’t use forms to shape my baskets but shape them instead by eye and experience. Though they’re definitely a pair, each basket has it’s own shape and character which makes it unique and special.
ash splint wall baskets
For these two I also wanted to show you the variation of hanger placement. With the hanger inside the basket hangs flat to the wall while with the hanger on the outside, the basket tips very slightly forward. Each variation gives a different detail in the rim lashing too. I can’t decide which I like most.
ash splint wall baskets
Each basket is made from English pounded ash and measures 8″ wide x 4.5″ deep x 7″ tall to the rim, approx. P&P is £4.50

ash splint wall basket
Ash splint wall basket, outside hanger.
ash splint wall basket
Ash splint wall basket, inside hanger.
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