Ash splint pack baskets

Ash splint pack basket
I’m incredibly pleased with this pair of ash splint pack baskets which I’ve just finished making. I love the full, bellied shape and the size of them is ideal carrying all your essentials without being too big or cumbersome. The ash comes from Cartmel in Cumbria and is pounded into splints before being graded, cut to thickness and scraped smooth. A steamed ash handle on top of the basket allows you to easily pick up the basket with one hand.
ash splint pack basket ash splint backpack
Each basket is finished with top quality leather straps from Clayton’s tannery in Chesterfield and solid brass buckles from the Abbey Foundry in Walsall, UK.
The pack basket measures 18″ tall to the rim and is 14″ wide at the belly. They are made to order, please contact me at stevetomlin8[at] for more information or to place an order.

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  1. Richard Bingham says:

    They look superb well done.

  2. Lovely looking lines there Steve!

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