Ash splint harvest baskets for sale

I’ve been working on a few ash splint pack baskets lately, which has been great to keep me busy during lockdown. In preparation for them, I always like to make some smaller baskets which has resulted in a couple of these harvest baskets being available for sale.

These are a classic square-to-round construction starting from a checkerboard base which flares up to the handle. I’m really pleased with how they swell and the continuation of those curves into the bale handle. The handle is jointed and lashed to the basket along with the rim.

Each basket is 18cm approx high to the rim, 35cm high overall, 26cm diameter at the rim and currently available for sale in my Etsy shop with more photos there.

Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop

If you’re interested in learning how to work with ash splint and make your own baskets, I teach a number of workshops each year at venues around the UK. Please visit my greenwood courses page for details or sign up to my newsletter for updates on courses and dates.

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