Ash splint basket making booklet

I’ve been making ash splint baskets and teaching workshops for several years now and it’s been fantastic to share the skills and knowledge with so many people.

I am always aware though, that there are lots of people who can’t get to one of my courses and are looking for some guidance to get started on their own. Equally, we cover such a lot of processes during the course that participants often comment that they would like some written instructions to help with future baskets.

In response to this, I’ve put together a short pdf introductory guide which covers sourcing an ash log, pounding the splints and step by step instructions on how to weave a square to round table basket, the same basket which we make on the course. While no book is going to be as good as being on a course where I can help and advice you, I hope this will aid some people who want to start pounding ash splints and making baskets for themselves.

The booklet is available as an instant pdf download from my Etsy store:

Buy ash splint basket making booklet

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