A happy customer

Nothing makes me happier than to make craft and then hear from its new owner.
I recently sent one of my ash splint wall baskets to Marc in Germany who was kind enough to send me this lovely message:

Dear Steve,
I would like to let you know that your package arrived today. The basket even exceeds my expectations. Love it!
I really appreciate your personal note and, of course, the cute little spoon.
What could be better than buying beautiful items and thus at the same time supporting an independent maker.
Keep up the great work!
A happy customer

I have lots of craft of my own that I’ve bought from other makers and reminds me of them or the story of acquiring it when I use them. The pleasure they bring in this way is more that just from having beautiful, well-made items, it’s a connection between people.

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  1. bodger981 says:

    Great. “Toi, toi”. X

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