York Gate Garden scything course

I’ve been in Leeds teaching the team of gardeners at York Gate Garden how to scythe in their wildflower meadow.

I’d never heard of the garden but it’s a beautiful, hidden gem in the north of Leeds and absolutely immaculate which is testiment to the passion and expertise of the gardeners and volunteers. Like the formal garden, the wildflower meadow was looking fantastic with a healthy crop of yellow rattle well-established and the first orchids showing their heads.

I was there for two full days of training meaning we had plenty of time to look at sharpening and mowing as well as for the team to peen their own blades which they were keen to do once I’d demonstrated how much better they would cut afterwards.

Brilliant days working with terrific guys who really worked hard and developed their skills so they were all mowing and peening well. I look forward to seeing how the meadow develops under their care, it’s sure to be stunning in the future.


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