Wooden Spoons at the Hilton Hotel

At the beginning of the month I was invited to the Royal Warrantholders Annual Luncheon to receive my award as a Queen Elizabeth Craft Scholar and present my work in the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane in London. QEST is the charitable arm of the Royal Warrantholders Association so this is a chance for the members to meet this years scholars and see the fruits of their funding.
Steve Tomlin QEST scholar Steve Tomlin greenwood carving award
It was a long day but lots of fun and brilliant for me to meet the other scholars and see their work which covers a huge range of different crafts. The standard of work is extremely high and everyone there is passionate about what they do. Follow the link to find out more about this years QEST scholars.
After setting up our displays and receiving our certificates from the President, Jenifer Emery we sat down to a fantastic luncheon in the Hilton’s ballroom. The lamb was delicious and we were well look-after by our friendly and knowledgeable wine waiter!
I had the extra pleasure of being seated next to Jenny Connolly whose family generously sponsored my scholarship as part of a trust set up in memory of their son Adam, also a talented woodworker.

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3 Responses to Wooden Spoons at the Hilton Hotel

  1. robin wood says:

    brilliant, you look well smart

  2. peter Carmichael says:

    Nice threads!

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