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Bending bonds and handles for Devon stave baskets

The handle, rim and bottom bond for the Devon stave basket are made from freshly cut ash coppice. I use small diameter poles which are cleft into four pieces and then shaped with a drawknife while clamped in the shavehorse. … Continue reading

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Steambent Staircase Bannister

The next project I’m working on with Charlie Whinney is a steam bent oak staircase banister. Three 200mm wide strips will curl their way up the three flights of stairs replacing the existing boring straight pine version. The model shows … Continue reading

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Gilded Curly Shade

Today I finished work on the large gilded curly lightshade for Charlie Whinney.  The 50 steam-bent wooden coils were stretched over a spherical framework and pinned in place using cocktail sticks as miniature dowels.  My instructions on placing the coils … Continue reading

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