Spoonfest 2014

If you think Spoonfest is just about carving wooden spoons then you’d be only partially right. Sure, that’s the focus and there’s an awful lot of it going on there, with ever increasing levels of skill and quality from year to year. But it’s also just a chance for a big bunch of like-minded people to get together and share a few day in a field in Edale. I was super busy this year organising the workshops as well as teaching my own spoon carving courses so took very few photos of spoons (I prefer making sketches anyway). Instead here’s a few photos giving a taste of the atmosphere and some of the good people I had the pleasure of spending my week with.
Spoonfest cheese painting at Spoonfest 2014 Anja Sundberg teaching at Spoonfest 2014 pizza oven at Spoonfest 2014 Gilding demonstration Spoonfest lunch Nic Westermann knife making  Fritiof Runhall spoon carving
Spoonfest 2014 campfire

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