Somerset Scythe Festival 2012 video

Many thanks to Richard Brown of Emorsgate Seeds and SABI chairman for this wonderful video from the Green Scythe Fair in Somerset.
We’ve been looking without success for a traditional scythe song that we can sing while mowing in a team. Now it seems we’ve found the music, not to mention the dance steps (!)  so now we’re just looking for the words.

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3 Responses to Somerset Scythe Festival 2012 video

  1. rico says:

    what do ya do wit a drunken scyther… earlay in tha mor nin

  2. Mac says:

    Lay him in a windrow till he’s sober earlay in the mornin

  3. Chris Helks says:

    Hi Steve, Sue was inspired – what think ye
    To the above tune or maybe “I am a Cider Drinker”
    When the sun shines on the meadow,
    and we’re peening all the day,
    happy sounds of scythers cutting,
    cutting grass to make the hay.
    I am a British(or SABI) scyther,
    I scythe to make the hay,
    I am a British scyther,
    Scything send my cares away.
    It’s such fun to feel the green grass,
    and the smells in the morning dew,
    As we build up all the hay ricks,
    We know are blades will see us though.
    (Repeat Chorus)
    When our day is nearly over
    and we’ve scythed the meadow bare,
    then together we’ll go off for the evening
    and have a pint of the local brew.
    (Repeat Chorus)

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