Scything for bad backs

Some great feedback from Jen, who I taught how to scythe a couple of weeks ago. Over the years I’ve taught many people with bad backs how to mow with an Austrian scythe including a woman who’d previously broken her back and on two-day courses people often comment that they wake up on the second day without their usual stiffness. Mowing is gentle, rhythmic and symmetrical work so it’s ideal for loosening any stiffness while building core strength but, as with any exercise, you should get professional advice if you have medical issues.

Hi Steve,
Thought you might find this feedback useful for others. I’ve been scything now almost daily since our lesson. Prior to that, my lower back was always (and I mean always) stiff in the mornings and evenings -just where I have a bad curve with the scoliosis. For the last few days, its gone completely. I can also feel my posture is getting better as I am increasing my core strength in my abs. Far from being simply “not a problem” for problematic backs, I’d say that the scything is actually improving my condition.
Thanks again, Jen

scything for bad backs

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