Scythes in Manchester stained glass

Scythes in Manchester
I moved to Manchester earlier this year. Lots of people wondered why I would be so mad as to relocate from the Lake District to the city. There’s lots of reasons but one of them is the excitement of bringing what are seen as rural skills and activities into an urban environment and introducing city dwellers to craft work.
This week I was at the Home cafe in Didsbury, part of Emmanuel Church when my eye caught a familiar shape in one of the stained glass windows. It’s lovely to know there are already scythes here.
Scythes in Manchester

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  1. Dave says:

    Verily, this is not the best way to carry a scythe …

  2. Tony says:

    I suspect that these are short handled “reaping” scythes hanging off the “gathering” staff. The technique, carried out bending over, was apparently to separate out a sheaf’s worth of corn with the staff in the left hand and then cut it with the scythe in the right hand and allow to fall neatly for the binder following behind.

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